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ooc; How's My Driving?

How's My Driving?

Sometimes muns need a little help, right? I know I sure do. Please feel free to comment here if you have any problems (or praise!) for Daine Sarrasri. Also feel free to comment for any of my other characters: greenrednknives (Natalia Alfroskaya), fightingzero (Natsuo Sagan, or pre_cognition (Alice Cullen). The more crit, the merrier!



NEWTs are over! Thank the gods; I thought I was going to just fall over in the middle of the Potions practical. That's the only one I'm fair certain I didn't pass. The others were easier than I had expected! Especially Care of Magical Creatures. That was fair simple. Who wouldn't know the dietary habits of Murtlaps?

I think I should celebrate somehow. I'm finally going to graduate from Hogwarts! Who wants cake?

Zero. (Fourth Wall)

It's fair nice to see so many faces around Hogwarts! It's a great relief from all the studying I've been doing.

I'm Daine Sarrasri, Head Girl. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or a prefect. Especially if you get lost I feel like a hen taking care of chicks, we're free to help. Just...take care of yourselves, and don't get into trouble.


I'm never going to get the ink off of my face...I shouldn't sleep on permanent ink Oh Mithros, I'm going to have fifty-six ways to take care of a Hyppogriff tattooed on my face forever!

I haven't been sleeping enough. It's fair hard to stay awake all day when you've been up all night, too.

Matt, can you come and help me with Herbology some time? I need some review on Mandrakes, since we haven't had to deal with them since last year...


I think I'm just going to bury my head in books and never come out. At least when Kaoru was around, she'd help me study I'm going to fail all of my NEWTs, I'm fair certain. I was never supposed to be a scholar!

...and it was a good game, Gryffindor! Even if I lost two galleons on it.


[All of this is written in careful, neat handwriting, unlike Daine's usual chicken scratch. Like someone else has the journal...]

I actually have an announcement to make, everyone.

This morning, I pushed a first year down the stairs. It felt fair nice, like satisfaction for them never listening to me. I try to keep them safe, but they never listen! So I pushed another one over when I was walking through the hallways, and for good measure I made sure that a little boy got locked in the loo without his wand.

I couldn't care less if he didn't get out, actually. It's a great feeling! Goodbye responsibility, hello failing all my NEWTs!


Alfred. [This is written heavier, like someone's mad.] We should talk, yeah? Let's be honest with each other.

Fifty-three. [VOICE]

[The sound that comes from Daine's journal doesn't sound like crying. It doesn't even sound like screaming. The sound is more like...an anguished wail. Feral, almost. She's far away from the journal, as if it's been thrown across the room and landed upside down. Which, incidentally, it has.]

No! She was so...she was fine, and then she just...

She collapsed and I couldn't do anything. All my work with animals, being able to heal them...it doesn't help. If those...monsters didn't hurt her at the Ministry...

[Silence. She's furious at the Death Eaters. A strangled scream escapes.]

I'm going to...to murder them! They did this to her! Why'd she have to...

[Daine flees the room, leaving the journal behind. Any replies will be made later, when she's not so upset. For those who care to know, she's asleep on Alfred's bed, surrounded by concerned cats and kittens.]


It's been fun staying with Sveinn so far- much better than sitting around the castle doing nothing, and far better company too. At least I have somewhere to stay, I suppose.

Personally, I think the Ministry's doing the right thing. Those...[ink blots, possibly you can see some..not pleasant names for them scribbled out] people had no right to do what they did. And if war means we can get rid of them, then the sooner the better. I'm not going to sit back and let them torment us.

...I think I'll see if Sveinn'll let me cook something. Ma always said it was the fair soothing way to think things over.


Onua said Hogwarts was as safe a place as any for me to stay. Much better than traveling around all the time, at least. Dumbledore's here, and everything, so I should be fine.

I...[Ink blots.] It's not fair, what happened to Asuka. Or Anya, or any of them. There's got to be a way to stop I need to It's not going to happen again.

[Filter - Sveinn, Alfred, Shirley, any other friends I can't think of right now]

Are you all right? I'm sorry, I couldn't find you. It was a madhouse. D'you need anything?


[Private to Kaoru]

You've got to come back soon. Or I'm coming Or will they let you have visitors?


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